• Restaurant Gay-Friendly

Situé sous les voutes de la rue obscure, Sand et Bea recoivent chez elles dans une ambiance chaleureuse et conviviale.

Cuisine créative, grand choix de vins au verre/

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Rooster :
ouvert tout les soir sauf le Lundi
Jaarlijkse afsluiting :
geopend gedurende het gehele jaar


Sand & Bea


+33 4 93 01 84 88


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Daniela - Nice
« I strongly recommend anyone who is looking for a cosy, value for money restaurant to go to l'aparte. The food is absolutely delicious and extremely well presented. You eat it with your eyes first, then when it hits your taste-buds, you feel an explosion of deliciousness in your mouth! The couple (owners) who run this business are very friendly, lovely ladies. One is the chef and the other is the waitress. They have an extensive knowledge on food and wine as well. Go! You won't be sorry. »

Publication : 11/12/2013