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Young man involved in the fields of personal and spiritual development for almost 10 years, I offer tantric-inspired massages.

It is a wonderful massage for awakening the senses, emotions and learning sensuality. It can also open healing spaces in the recipient's subconscious.

The psycho-bodily purpose of this massage is to bring emotional, mental and bodily harmony. It is a way to access another dimension in one's relationship to another, both socially and conjugal, and also to acquire a better knowledge of oneself, on a level that is both more subtle and deeper. in the feeling and its vital energy. It is enveloping, uses continuous stroking movements of sometimes extreme slowness and of great depth by intention, it refocuses, diffuses and harmonizes vital energy.

My technique is mainly based on my intuitiveness, under the guidance of your body.

Recipient :
This massage is for all men, straight, bi, gay, aged 18 to 65 (there is an age limit because it can be very invigorating on the heart!).

I use a vegetable oil to help the hands glide over the skin. This massage is therefore practiced in a naturist way, in a reciprocal spirit.

The whole body is massaged. Each part being considered with care and benevolence.

This massage is a meeting of souls and can only be practiced if total trust is established between the two partners.

Please introduce yourself briefly (first name, age, etc.) and confirm that you have fully understood the expectations and modalities of this massage.

Booking conditions and options

Massage solo 75 minutes 100 €
Massage duo 75 minutes 160 €

Means of payment :
banking checks - cash -
Holiday closure :
open all year



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Pierre - Toulouse
« Aujourd'hui, la vie m'a fait un magnifique cadeau, celui de faire la connaissance de Matthieu... J'ai été accueilli comme un ami, ce qui m'a permis de me sentir à l'aise immédiatement... Son toucher du cœur apporte à ce massage une dimension sacrée jamais ressenti à ce jour... Merci d'avoir été mon guide tout au long de ce merveilleux voyage... Mon souhait le plus sincère sera d'approfondir avec toi ces voies du tantra... Je salue le divin qui est en toi... 🙏 À très bientôt... »

Publication : 10/08/2021