If Morocco remains a country very much inked in a tradition unfavorable to gays and lesbians there are still cities much appreciated by gay tourists for many years like Marrakech, Taroudant or Essaouira. With Gay Sejour find the best gay addresses to organize your trip to Morocco. Thanks to the network and the link created by Gay Sejour, we can guarantee to our guests the reliability, the quality, the authenticity and the friendliness gay and gay friendly of our reception and our programs in Morocco.

Morocco is different. Ethnic diversity, colour and contrast creates a holiday destination for everyone, whether you are a seasoned traveller, an adventurer, a trekker, a shopper, a big city escapist, weary of your office, seek sunshine and smiling faces, love to photograph, paint, dance, enjoy music, or simply want to feel the warm sand on your feet and slow down to unwind.

As your holiday unfolds you will find yourself caught in Morocco's splendor. Wandering through the medina, you will hear the wail of the Muezzin calling the faithful to prayer, and "balek! balek!", the cry of a donkey cart driver warning you out of their way. In the market, jewel colours of indigo, saffron and henna dazzle in beautiful carpets. In Marrakech's Djemaa El Fna square you can dance with the bellydancers, have your fortune told, pay a scribe to write a letter, watch the acrobats and be mesmerised by the flute that charms the viper. Relax in a streetside cafe and taste exotic spice in your food, and mint in your tea. Take care! Elegant ancient mosques and minarets, opulent palaces and the stark beauty of the sunrise among towering kasbahs in the Sahara desert are waiting for you.

In Sahara time slows to the pace of your camel, softly shuffling across the dunes to the oasis. Watch the moonrise, your world will fall away and you will be caught in the aura of mystery that pervades this land. The desert nomads, like their camels, are in no hurry. Where is there to go? The desert has a timeless quality - go with it and you will begin to understand. Here is a land where something forgotten lives on.

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