Notre charte qualité

All our partner members (hotels, guesthouses, holiday homes, restaurants) sign up to the Gay Sejour Quality and Commitment Charter, which guarantees commitment to both quality services and a non-discriminatory mind-set. For internet users, the Charter guarantees a great holiday in Gay Sejour recommended accommodation.


Partner members of Gay Sejour guarantee to provide high-quality tourism, demonstrating respect for both people and places.


All information concerning client transactions is confidential unless by prior consent.


Gay and gay-friendly partners of Gay Sejour agree to display the Gay Provence logo in their establishment and have Gay Provence brochures and documentation available to customers


Partner members of Gay Sejour guarantee to provide precise and highly accurate information about the establishment, services, activities and products they offer. They will provide Gay sejour with all the documentation needed to publish and promote their activities and products (description, photographs) on the Gay Sejoure website

Terms and conditions

Partner members of Gay Sejour guarantee to provide full details of all booking, sales and cancellation conditions with respect to their services as well as information concerning refundable and non-refundable deposits.


Partner members of Gay Provence guarantee to reply to enquiries from customers transmitted by Gay Provence as quickly as possible and to the best of their ability. They also guarantee to inform customers immediately of any change in itinerary, services or prices.


in line with its goal of guaranteeing quality, reliability, authenticity and warmth of welcome with respect to gay/gay friendly travellers, in our own organisation as well as in all the programs we offer, Gay Sejour has implemented a Quality Charter with its partner members. All businesses signing the Quality Charter are subject to regular monitoring so as to ensure that they are continually striving to further improve the services offered