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In the midst of the Indian Ocean, a small French land is labouring at shaking off all preconceived ideas about tropical islands. Sure, there are coconut trees and beaches in Reunion, the turquoise blue lagoons and the white barrier reef are there waiting for you to fulfil your exotic dreams. The tour begins in the lower part of town and the "Barachois." Evocative street names : "rue du Mât-de-Pavillon" (Flagpole House Street), "rue du Moulin-à-Vent" (Windmill Street), remind the visitor that there was an attempt to turn ... The local homosexual community and its sympathisers offer a broad range of especially gay and gay-friendly accommodation and leisure possibilities. On Reunion Island, you will appreciate : the accommodation ( hotels, guesthouses,vacation rentals ...) bars, restaurants, night-clubs, and the most popular gay beaches

A subtile harmony born of extraordinary diversity: Reunion grown in confidence, the charm of contrasts. And spellbinding landscapes. Nature generous and secret. Cosmopolitan population and warm. The island appears like a flower opens, emotion emotion. Everything is seduction and mystery, gentleness and passion. Different from traditional gay destinations, intense island you promised a serene escape, guaranteed by the genuine hospitality of the islanders and smiling.

An island, a mountain, a volcano Reunion provides countless opportunities to be surprised, to be moved and amazed at the touch of a unique nature! Exuberance of tropical shoreline with rocky slopes of mountains, beautiful corrugated web of sugarcane fields to fruit tree groves, alpine meadows at an altitude gullies monumental thousand surprising contrasts to discover.
The greatest show is to discover in the south of the island: the Piton de la Fournaise, the active volcano spews lava flows in her long red ribbons slowly flowing towards the sea
Three other extinct craters formed clover Salazie, Mafate and Cilaos, separated by two volcano altitude plains (the Plaine des Cafres and the Plaine des Palmistes). Deep ravines open circuses and the flanks of the mountain to the sea

The island has retained much of its natural wealth of origins. Forty thousand hectares of primary forest remained intacts.Cent sixty plant species are unique. The most extraordinary Reunion forests, wet and fresh jungle Bébour, among the "spots" of the global environment.

The richness of the blend Reunion is indeed almost unique. Faces four continents, and the infinite variety of mixtures thereof, are everywhere in perfect harmony. On this earth except grew an exceptional company. The islanders are heirs to a history and a culture, fruit of the meeting of European settlers, African and Malagasy slaves, Indians and Chinese agricultural workers. At the meeting we evolve in the midst of a thousand smiles of the world!
Here, the art of living together is second nature. As openness to others and tradition of warm hospitality. Made of respect, discretion and generosity, sense of hospitality Reunion invites the meeting, sharing and discovery. It is this ethnic richness that is today its inhabitants very nice nickname "population arc-en-ciel", which also presents itself as a kaleidoscope of cultures and religions.
The authenticity of this island is found in Métis culture! Reunion kitchen is a reflection of its people: mixed. She has several origins, both French, European, as African, Malagasy, Indian and Asian.

Beyond the clichés multiracial population Reunion shows throughout its history and especially its ability possibility of living together. Thus the meeting is the first region in France to set up a charter Home gay friendly gathering fifty tourism professionals. The charter guarantees gays and lesbians a warm welcome and quality service. At the opposite of a community-based approach, it is a tool of good understanding, promoting equal treatment of all categories of visitors. You will recognize the members of the charter with this logo. He is the guarantor of respect for lesbians and gay identities.
Réunion is a French department, the French legislation applicable to them so, especially regarding the rights of homosexuals.

From this point of view, the island is, in terms of morals, a haven of openness in the Indian Ocean. The situation is very different in the neighboring islands.  Unlike other DOM, no violence against homosexuals is to be established on the island. However, the meeting is a very small enclosed space, a land of traditions where religions are numerous and strongly permeates the minds. The wind of '68 not blown and the most conservative family values are rooted in morality. Because of this, it is difficult for many Creoles to live openly their homosexuality family is never far away. However, homosexuality metropolitan and people from outside is not a problem, even when it is relatively visible. Reunion is a land of mixtures of interbreeding, where the Other is easily accepted their differences. Most of the islanders welcome gays and lesbians with kindness and respect.

Nightlife - North Island
Although Saint-Denis is the capital of the island, it does not mean a festive city! Fortunately there Zanzibar, bar and restaurant very, very, very gay friendly. : Gay and straight there rendezvous every night. A little further down the same street, open only on weekends, LA gay nightclub on the island, the Boy's offers beautiful nights gay and lesbiannes Island. An institution on the island for years.

West Coast
Saint-Gilles les Bains at the Hermitage, nightclubs are plentiful, and are located for the most part near the Casino. Atmosphere ensured Loft, very fréquanté by the local gay bar-dance-karaoke. On Friday evening, the bars are lively city center, a tour is required.

It moves a lot in the South. Renowned for its great atmosphere, Saint-Pierre offers many bars and nightclubs especially on the seafront and in the neighborhood of the town hall. Here's the Cherwain, bar, dance, karaoke nights offer beautiful gays and lesbians in the South.

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