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The urban and architectural wealth of Mâcon is witness of a past particularly rich in encounters.
The "Parcours Patrimonial" (Heritage Trail), will take you through the paved streets, from Old Saint Vincent to the hospital (Hôtel Dieu), from the Half Timbered House to the Soufflot Chapel. Not to forget, during your walk, the museums tracing the history of yesteryear Mâcon…
Finally, over the Saône, when Saint Laurent Bridge lights up, a show of lights begins on the embankment.

Surrounded by 5 000 ha of vineyards producing 49 million bottles each year, Mâcon invites you to taste such famous crus as Saint-Véran, Pouilly Fuissé…or the neighbouring Beaujolais crus (Saint-Amour, Juliénas, Moulin-à-Vent…)

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