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Ideally situated in the heart of Southern France, between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, the cosmopolitan and enthusiastic Ville Rose joyously mixes heritage and lifestyle, great cultural events and festival pleasures. Toulouse is an absolute must for everyone wanting to explore France. At once both modern and proud of the legacy of its past, open and radiant, you are bound to be seduced by the incomparable Toulousain lifestyle, coupled with the wealth of its cultural heritage. Your stay in Toulouse will certainly be a time of great pleasure.

Ever since the Garonne offered the hospitality of its river banks to the Tectosages, the city of Toulouse has, with the passing centuries, become home to a growing collection of monuments, fine edifices and works of art, which stand as witnesses of its diverse culture and stimulate the curiosity of its visitors.
Listen, observe, Toulouse he Capitole
Place du Capitole - 31000 TOULOUSE
Access : M° Capitole
Tel : 05 61 22 34 12
Web site : www.toulouse.fr

The Saint-Sernin basilica
Place Saint-Sernin - 31000 TOULOUSE
Location : Centre Ville
Access : M° Capitole
Tel : 05 61 21 80 45 / 05 61 21 70 1
E mail : basilique-saint-sernin@wanadoo.fr

The Jacobins monastery
Place des Jacobins - Rue Lakanal - 31000 TOULOUSE
Access : M° Capitole
Tel : 05 61 22 21 92 - Fax : 05 61 22 22 09
Web site : www.jacobins.mairie-toulouse.fr

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