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Birthplace of two royal dynasties: the Plantagenets and the Valois. Le Mans, town of art and historic city surrounded by the best conserved Roman wall in the West (together with the one in Rome), also offers you intense moments of passion and festivals. In particular, you will be overwhelmed by the sheer extravagance of its famous 24 hour motor race (in June every year) and the events of the week preceding it (weighing, tests, drivers' parade, etc.) and participate in the festive atmosphere which takes over the heart of the town.

Le Mans is a town of gardens, which exhibits the pleasures offered to man by Nature, whether free or managed, expression of an era or timeless. Le Mans is also a town of Nature in the service of man, within the framework of the Arche de la Nature, a living conservatory of popular arts and traditions, and flora and fauna, from the Maine region. Throughout the year theme festivals (apple, honey, bread, pig, percheron …) and discovery walks accompanied by...

Nightlife in Le Mans is surprisingly vibrant, although gay-specific establishments are in short supply. As a first stop, try Couleur Cafe for a beverage or snack. It boasts a neat cocktail menu of shooters and flavored beers (a syrup shot is added). Located near the town hall (Hôtel De Ville), La Limite is basically the only game in town for dancing, and on weekends it’s jammed. Like Paris, however, the queers come out late, so don’t expect much of a crowd before 1a.m.

During the day it’s well worth a trip to the famed racetrack and adjacent Musée de l’Automobile —tons of exhibits and race cars are on display, including one painted by Keith Haring.

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