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For winter sports fans, experienced hikers or lovers of the great outdoors and nature, the Southern Alps are the place for both summer and winter visits, where the sun always shines.

Enclosed by a natural wall culminating at a height of 3000 m, the Queyras Park, at the heart of the Upper Alps, offers the spectator a protected space where nature reigns unmolested. Its larch and... [+]

The river Ubayeflows 90 km from the Col de Longet to the Lac de Serre, and traverses the Barcelonnette valley, which marks the boundary between the Piedmont and the lowlands of Provence. Briançon

The highest town of Europe after Davos in Switzerland, Briançon at 1326 m is located at the meeting point of five valleys, the two most important being those of the Durance and the Guisane.
Built to ward off invaders, Briançon has preserved remarkable fortifications in the upper town.With its monuments, frescoes and sculptured wooden doors encountered at every turn of its winding streets, Briançon has won its place among the towns of art and history.  Starting from the town, the Prorel cable car takes you up to the Grand Serre-Chevalier ski resort with a magnificient view over the the town.

Vauban in the southern Alpes :  born in 1633, Sébastien Le Pestre de Vauban entered the army in 1651 to take charge of Génie. Louis the XVIth named him general commissioner of fortifications.He crossed France and its frontiers, watching over in the Kings interests "son pre carre", meaning assuring in the best possible way the defence of the territory by a consistent, well-knit ensemble of fortified settings adapted to the country. The public knew only of Vauban through his activity as a military engineer and his fortifications systems. In the southern Alpes he was at the outset of many fortified locations.

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