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  • Sauna Gay-Friendly

Welcome to the Koncept Sauna!


We put at your service our professionalism and support you in your quest for wellness and balance. Our aquatic facility will bring you relaxation and recreation, revealing your charm and above all give you satisfaction and pleasure of playing in a gentle and sensual heat.

The essence of Koncept Sauna is to combine all the debauchery bold and manly fellow, a real moment of relaxation and pleasure.

Lockers room
Welcome to the Koncept Sauna!
80 lockers, a large space, a convenient and comfortable bench will allow you to change confortable. A water point with hair dryer and mirror will help you stay neat. Put the wet towels in the "huge glory hole" for this purpose.

To maintain maximum cleanliness throughout the day, we ask that you take off your shoes and shoes back in the airlock home. To access the locker room you pass through the bar area under the eyes of interested / interesting people already present in the establishment ...

Showers area
Welcome to the Koncept Sauna!
Spacious offers the possibility to rinse as soon as you arrive.

Discreet is both bold and when you calmly take your shower, you should know that the colored panels separating the shower from the rest of the pool area can allow others to enjoy your privacy, play with it! ...

Wall dispensers for liquid soap with a neutral pH are available, and you can ask our staff for hair gel.
The towels will be provided at request at the bar, and sandals for those who want some. We draw your attention to the fact that land and all equipment are treated with anti bacterial daily.

Welcome to the Koncept Sauna!
It is fully tiled from floor to ceiling. To make the image the vapor diffusion was off at the time of shooting.

In this place, equipped with warm seats, you lie in the torrid atmosphere, wet, sensual, fragrant with eucalyptus bathed in a soft blue light. Immersed in this mist you can try to guess who rode around you ...
When you are very hot do not forget to pass under the cold shower that revitalizes you while doing good to your skin.

Dry Sauna
Welcome to the Koncept Sauna!
All wood, located in the basement is partially glassed in order to behold your future conquests and also let you tame back.

We selected a temperature of 69 ° C which is the ideal dry heat for many open pores and much sweat to get in shape for the rest ...

Lying, sitting, standing, you can continue to crack down on porn movies released in the central hall.

Welcome to the Koncept Sauna!
Located in the heart of the pool area, it will relax you to embrace the millions of bubbles and the heat. The 1 200 liters of water are treated throughout the day and changed every night.

At the heart of the action, enjoy the benefits of water while checkmating: the guys in the shower, those entering or leaving the Hammam and Area X, and those lying on the benches. When the proximity to the pelvis, a real delight to discover or rediscover.

Welcome to the Koncept Sauna!
They all have the same "dress code", midnight blue mattresses comfortable red firefighter who sharpens the appetite and stimulates your instincts, and adorned with pillow cushions to feel well calibrated if necessary.

Soft lighting and a modular will allow everyone the ability to create an atmosphere which is best. Each cabin is equipped with a paper towel dispenser and a trash can to leave the area as clean as when you arrived.

Spining table
Welcome to the Koncept Sauna!
Inspired by the best gay porn movies, this is our latest equipment that meets a great success and real, solid, comfortable, padded, it offers many possibilities and allows all the holes to be filled according to your appetite ....

Glory holes
Welcome to the Koncept Sauna!
These holes created between some cabins offer you a closeness between you and your fantasies and the hottest new development dug vertically can play on the pitch, let you go for new experiences!

Two toilets are for customer:

- Toilets with disabled access in a very nice design
- Toilet and say "Turkey" with a shower hose allowing you to make a costume for intimate hygiene.

Welcome to the Koncept Sauna!
The Spa Spirit, Zen Design, connects our various spaces and services in a perfect homogeneity. Upon arrival and throughout your visit, a delightfully intense sweetness will transport you to a cozy cocoon.

The bar offers a wide selection of sodas, juices, beers varied regional wines, champagne and for lovers of hot beverages such as tea, herbal tea, chocolate and coffee. Feeling hungry? From "snacking", salads, hot and cold sandwiches, ready meals and confectionery will soothe your appetite.

For smokers, our friends, a lounge room was constructed and equipped according to current regulations allows you to smoke your way without disturbing non-smokers.

You'll encounter throughout your trip different seating areas on the ground floor and the basement to sit back when the urge to relax you tease

A free internet lets you stay connected with the outside world and very convenient for you to visit the sauna. The wifi is possible for those of you who are equipped.

The meeting point between the two floors is equipped with distributors of intimate gel water based and condom standards for XXL plan yours! A whole range "prevention" as a brochure is SET out in the locker room.

Booking conditions and options

Opening time :
From noon till one am (2 am in summer), from 5 am every sunday.
Holiday closure :
open all year


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