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The Cud is a popular gay bar in the Marais. Located at 12 rue des Haudriettes in the 3rd arrondissement (Metro: Rambuteau), this bar hosts a fairly diverse population.

The cud upstairs: The ground floor is a quiet and friendly bar. The basement comes alive later in the evening, around 2 am, with its small dance floor in vaulted cellars. The clientele is nice and varied, both in looks and in the ages. On the floor of the cud, a bar where are served soft drinks and strong alcohols (for the beers it is necessary to go down). Small bar where there are usually few guys. Upstairs also the toilets (one for girls, one for guys, but the guys go to girls, the place is attended 95% by male people). Very small toilets, not necessarily super clean but it remains decent. To finish with the tour of the floor, some placed chairs, screens on which are projected clips of pop and rnb. The music that goes to the floor is usually that of the clips.

The cellar: This level -1 is split in two. On the left, a bar and a dance floor with a DJ that mixes more or less. On the right, another bar, seating. People usually go from left to right, hoping to find their boy of the evening. Here we have to say: we go to Cud in general to flirt or mater, the climate is rather cash.

On the music side, the level is qualitatively low.

The advantage of the Cud is that there is really something for everyone ... Note that the Cud is prized by a good number of foreigners passing through Paris. This is essential info for any Erasmus student lover.

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