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Intuitive massage (or tailor-made massage): a unique experience!

The massage that highlights the art of touch

Do you feel overwhelmed and need to let go physically and mentally?
Have you just passed a difficult stage and you need to be revitalised?
Do you want a global approach and a personalized massage?

Intuitive massage is a massage that aims for the relaxation and well-being of the person. This massage draws its techniques from Swedish, Californian and energetic massage but it is practiced in an intuitive way. Other techniques can be added such as Lomi-lomi, plantar reflexology, etc...

Intuitive massage is not a medical massage, nor is it a physiotherapist's massage.

Intuitive massage promotes awareness of the body envelope and allows people to reconnect with their body and their sensations through gentle and respectful gestures, it can be an aid to self-esteem and self-reconciliation.

This massage helps to become aware of the effects of stress on the body: tension, pain, feelings of discomfort but also more subtle feelings. It relieves ailments but does not necessarily cure them.

Because it is a massage and I associate it with a neutral oil added with quality essential oils, it is also beneficial as body care: it restores suppleness, elasticity and softness to the skin. The active ingredients of essential oils bring their properties and the natural fragrances that perfume the body.

The intuitive massage does healthy good and its relaxing effect is immediate.

In this approach, each massage will therefore be UNIQUE.

My know-how, my experience of 9 years in massage and my ability to listen allow me to offer this tailor-made service.

The benefits of intuitive massage:

Letting go - refocusing and global harmonization - deep and regenerating relaxation - better circulation of energy in the body - improves blood and lymphatic circulation - stimulates the immune defenses - elimination of toxins - improvement of the quality of sleep.

Cardiovascular diseases - significant venous problems, phlebitis - fractures and dislocations - sprains, muscle tears and acute tendonitis - skin lesions, bruises - recent internal and external scars - pregnancy (up to 4 months) - heavy medical treatments requiring doctor's approval attending - if in doubt, talk to your doctor first

Booking conditions and options

Massage ''séniors'' 45mn 55€
Massage 60mn 70€
Massage 90mn 95€
Abonnement 5 massages 60mn 295€
Abonnement 5 massages 90mn 400€
Abonnement 10 massages 60mn 560€
Abonnement 10 massages 90mn 760€
Gommage corps entier 20mn 40€
Massage ''Pierres chaudes'' et coussins de graines de lin env.' 75mn 95€
Gommage + massage 60mn 100€
Massages duo ''alterné'' (2x60mn) 130€ pour les deux personnes
Possibilité de bons cadeaux, formation au massage intuitif et de massage à domicile devis sur demande

Means of payment :
banking checks - cash -
Holiday closure :
open all year

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