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Gay Tantra Workshop "Creativity & Tantra", Sunday September 5, 2021

Hearts of Men offers one-day Gay Tantra workshops in Paris, and four-day courses near Paris, in the Dordogne and near Angers

They aim to allow each man on the way to discover and live Tantra, a spiritual practice taking into account man in all his dimensions and in particular in his sexual dimension.

They combine massages, meditations, personal development exercises, speaking time and sacred rituals.


This Tantra discovery workshop is an invitation to deploy your creative potential.

During this day, we will rely on the virtues of feminine energies, energies present in each of us, to rediscover our creative potential and to refine our ability to listen to others in order to offer them and to offer us all our sweetness and our beauty.

Practical information :

* In order to take into account the individuality of each one, the number of places is limited.

Date: Sunday September 5, 2021 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

- Workshop price: 100 euros

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open all year

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My name is Guillaume Douceré, since my earliest childhood, I have always wondered about the meaning of our life ... After a first work of introspection, I began, in Paris, studies of psychology leading to a diploma in clinical and psychoanalytic psychopathology. This allowed me to work with adolescents in a psychiatric service as well as in a listening point.

In 2010, following yet another depression that led me to let go, I got very interested in everything related to spirituality. This interest was accompanied by a rapid and significant development of my extrasensory capacities. This strong experience led me to resign from my position as a psychologist and to open a practice as a clairvoyant therapist (link to the site of this activity here) in order to support many people from very diverse backgrounds through individual meetings but also personal development courses.

On this spiritual path, sexuality, as our Western society conceives it, seemed to me more and more cumbersome and dead-end. It was then in 2015 that Tantra came to me. What a discovery! We could spiritualize sexuality, extract it from its egotistical framework and power issues by living love and sexual relationships in a more conscious and nurturing way.


Taking into account the relationship and the being in its entirety, Tantra appeared to me as a logical continuation of my journey. Offering tantric massages was naturally imposed on me in order to support men in search of sacred sexuality, of a loving relationship with oneself but also of a peaceful vision of their sexual orientation. (link to the site of this activity here)


Since then, I have had the chance to be inspired in my tantra practice and to participate in many workshops and courses in Gay Tantra, Male Tantra and Mixed Tantra to refine my know-how and my know-how.


This sacred vision of sexuality has profoundly transformed my way of living, my romantic relationships and my sexuality; It is with joy and honor that I share today this wonderful gift that is Tantra through these animations.

My rich and varied background allows me to best guide gay or bisexual men wishing to live a fulfilling relationship and sexual experience in these gay Tantra animations with the necessary compassion, knowledge, personal and professional experience.

Spoken languages : English - French -


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