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Let it not be thought that Burgundy is reserved solely for wine connoisseurs and lovers of art and architecture. The visitor has a choice of activities as varied as the region's landscapes, lakes, canals and rivers. Deep in the heart of Burgugndy lies the Morvan, the perfect destination for walking, sailing and rafting holidays, while the wide open spaces of the Châtillonnais and the gentle slopes of the Bresse are ideal for long-distance cycling expeditions.

Fishing enthusiasts will be drawn to sleepy lakes, rushing trout rivers and streams or to the Saône with its promise of catfish. Young and old alike will thrill to the prospect of riding excursions among the hedgerows of the Brionnais. Rock climbing, potholing, golf, microlighting, the list of things to do in Burgundy seems almost endless.

There are so many things to see and do in this rich region that you can use your entire holiday pursuing your particular interest or, enjoy a little of everything that Burgundy has to offer.

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