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Miami beaches are the most popular attractions of the city of Miami. They attract tourists as they offer clean miles of sand and clear waters. They make part of the Miami gay attractions as there are some beaches preferred for the gay population who come to vacation in Miami.

Top Gay-Friendly Miami Beaches
One of these is the 12th Street Beach. Located in famous South Beach at 12th street and Ocean Drive, this is a popular hang out for the gay men who are local to the area as well as visitors. It is not limited to the men, though. Lesbians and Straight men and women also hang out there. This is a great place for people who like a good party, as the people who hang out here often spend more time mingling with fellow beach goers than catching some rays.

Haulover Beach Park is another good place for gay men and women to gather as well. More than just a place to get a tan, you can barbeque, play tennis, or go for a bike ride. You can also rent a kite or go kayaking. Warning for the parents out there: there's also an area of the beach where clothing is optional so you
might want to avoid that spot.

Another good place to gather with the family as well is Matheson Hammock Park. There's a man-made atoll pool there, something unlike any other place here. There are also pavilions where you can have a picnic and trails to explore the natural world South Florida has to offer. In addition, they offer sailing and a snack bar. Fees are $4.00 for cars, $10.00 for trailers and Rvs.

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