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Gay Lyon Guide

Why it's the gastronomic capital of France!”

Mention Lyon, France's second largest city, to any knowledgeable Parisian (any knowledgeable Frenchman or woman for that matter ) and you're likely to be met by this superlative response. Maybe they've all been brainwashed by the region's tourism officials, but more likely they just been there. Anyone who visits the handsome historical city(built where the rivers Rhône and Saône converge ) can't help but get a sense of the richness of the regional cuisine, and the importance it plays in the city's personality. It's as much a part of Lyon's culture as are the city's old town district and its vibrant arts scene. The Frenchest of French cuisine are staples here (andouillette sausage, tripe, the famous salade Lyonnaise )and are grandly served come mealtime. Lyon is where France really sits down to eat a serious meal.  

Lyon, once famous for its silk production, is still a great place to pick-up that perfect silk accessory to complement your newest outfit. Or, just visit one of the many silk workshops in the La Croix Rousse Quarter and learn how to make your own. You'll see how silk is woven and dyed. If its history and ambience you're after, don't miss Lyon's St. Jean district, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To get the full flavor, spend a night at the sumptuous Hôtel Cour des Loges and actually feel what it must have been like, at least for the nobility, to live in the Middle Ages: oh the decadent delight!

As France's second largest city in terms of gay and lesbian establishments, Lyon offers plenty of other activities. Its gay districts are located near the Quais de Saône, the Terreaux, Bellecour Square and within the Croix Rousse Quarter, and Gay Pride takes place every June.

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