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Gay Auvergne travel guide

Protected reserves, for fresh air and nature, the Auvergne is one of the leading hydrotherapy centres in the country. Its architectural treasures, Parks, Landscapes and Villages are among the most beautiful in France, and a perfect holiday destination. Nature is truly on display in all her glory here.Outdoor treasures not to miss include: The Auvergne Regional Park, the largest in all of France; the Tron‡ais Forest with its ancient oaks, some of which are more than 300 years old; and the Chaudes-Aigues in Cantal, the southernmost thermal spring in Auvergne with the hottest waters of any thermal spring in Europe. Once you visit these hot springs, you'll be ready to spring to action of your own choosing in Vichy and Clermont-Ferrand, both boasting a lively gay and lesbian community in the midst of stunning natural beauty.  

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