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Feel like some fresh sea air ? With it's 500km of coastline, the pointe Bretonne' with it's multitude of endlessly changing landscapes, has something to please everyone.

From the abbay of Daoulas and the Domaine de Trévarez, more than ten centuries pass by, see the breathtaking results of centuries of gardening experience combined with modern horticultural technique. 

With over five thousand kilometers of marked pathways with detailed maps available : from the l'Armor region to l'Argoat, the Finistere welcomes cyclists, horse riders, hikers...

The Finistère has several nature reserves, where the protection of unusual habitats and species are the object of constant study and supervision throughout the year. Come and discover why Finistere is an ideal refuge for endangered species of birds and flora.

Perhaps because of it's geographical position at the end of the breton peninsula, and the extreme end of Europe, the Finistere, to all those who visit, has a certain authenticity and originality and a character all of it's own.

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