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The AFDN Wellness Center invites you to a

Sensory journey in a relaxing setting:



5 MINUTES FROM MONTPELLIER (8km from the center)



 By appointment


STEPHANE 0664678359





Naturopath since 2011 and practitioner of Ayurveda since 2008, I offer you to put my skills at your service and to share my passion for different techniques of well-being.

I receive you on Saturdays by appointment 5 minutes north of Montpellier in an associative cabinet.

1 / Traditional Ayurvedic modeling on table in accordance with the original protocol of Northern India. This ritual, beyond its relaxing virtues, offers you many other benefits:

- It gives a beautiful luster to your skin

- It tones and relaxes your muscular tissues, nourishes your skin and gives beautiful curves to your body

- It increases the warmth of your body and improves your blood and lymphatic circulation

- It increases and releases the flow of oxygen to the tissues

- It participates in the disposal of waste outside your company

- It increases your resistance to diseases by improving the immune response

- It gives your body a feeling of lightness and energy

- It improves your posture by softening your joints

- It softens your spine, improving the transmission of nerve impulses to your organs and your entire body

- It increases your sexual vitality and strength

- It corrects the flow of electromagnetic energy through your body

- It increases your concentration

- It gives you confidence as well as a better awareness of your body


My values: respect, discretion and hygiene.

I am trained by Rajeev PANT, Yogsansara Paris; School recognized by the French federation of wellness massage and, as such, guarantor of its charter of ethics.

2 / Naturopathy: According to the WHO, "Naturopathy is a set of methods of care aimed at strengthening the immune defenses of the organism by means considered as natural and biological".

The principle of naturopathy is to prevent diseases and to use only natural remedies.

Naturopathy is part of unconventional medicines whose philosophy is vitalism and the principle of humorism, that is to say, the balance of biological moods such as is found in Ayurveda or Chinese medicine.

Two fundamental rules: do not harm and consider each individual as a unique case that requires special and individual attention.

The "wellness center AFDN" and the guest room "Villa Mercurius Montpellier is the ideal place to let go.

Escape from stress and come spend relaxing time with us.


Your satisfaction and sharing are priorities for us, so I wish to ensure a quality service, with values ​​based on respect, discretion and hygiene.

Information and booking: 06 64 67 83 59

More info:

Facebook: Ayurveda Naturopathy


Discover our bed and breakfast:

ENJOY THE "WE ZEN" OFFER 2 people in a bed and breakfast with organic breakfast, 2 nights at -20% (reservation of a modeling or naturopathic assessment obligatory in this offer) or 112 € instead of 140 € (CODE : "WE ZEN").

The information in this advertisement is not a substitute for allopathic treatment or counseling.


Massage détente 30' 35€ 30'
Massage du monde au choix 65€ 60'
Bilan complet naturopathique 60€ 60'
Naturopathe interventionniste 35€ 30'
Hammam ou Sauna infra-rouge quartz & magnésium 15€/personnes 30'
Gommage corps exfoliant aux cristaux de sel de la mer morte 39€ 30'
Enveloppement marin reminéralisant 39€ 30'
Rituel Balinais des pieds 35€ 30'
Massage des pieds au bol Kansu et beurre de Ghee 30€ 30'
Shirodhara Cure de 3 séances 160€ 45'
Réflexologie plantaire 40€ 30'
Massage aux pierres chaudes 80€ 60'
Massage ayurvedique Pinda Svedaa 80€ 60'
Hammam VIP privatisé (savon noir+gant kessa+rhassoul+fouta+HE) 30€/personne 30'
RITUEL ESSENTIEL (Hammam ou sauna + massage 60' + tisanerie 70€ 1H 30
RITUEL PLENITUDE (Hammam ou sauna + gommage corps exfoliant + massage 60' + tisanerie) 99€ 2H
RITUEL EVASION (Hammam ou sauna + gommage corps + Massage 60' + enveloppement corps + tisanerie) 129€ 2H 30
RITUEL INEDIT NATURE & VIGNES (Hamma ou sauna + Gommage au raisin + tisanerie + ''Les vieux secrets jeunesse du naturopathe'' + Massage 60' à l'huile de pépins de raisins + enveloppement pulpe de raisin) 160€ 1/2 journée

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Holiday closure :
open all year

Special offer

Wellness SPA next to Montpellier

70 € Off

from 01/09/2018 untill 30/06/2019

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Merci encore pour ce petit séjour très reposant : le massage était vraiment relaxant ! Greg fait de belles choses dans cette demeure où il fait bon vivre. Nous arrivons bientôt chez nous bien détendu et frais pour reprendre une nouvelle semaine... Nous gardons précieusement votre adresse pour une nouvelle venue Nicolas & Geoffrey

Publication : 01/05/2018

Dan - la palme
Dés notre arrivée nous nous laissons tenter, par les prestations de massages de Stéphane, afin de commencer notre séjour en déconnectant. La pièce est zen, tamisée et chaleureuse. Le massage ayurvédique lui est adapté a votre Dosha déterminé par un petit test avant, avec un choix d'huiles très agréable. Respect et hygiène irréprochable. Stéphane a des mains en or. il est sûr que nous le referons lors de notre prochain séjour. Merci Stéphane!!!

Publication : 06/06/2017

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