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Provence Massages is your new wellness institute in the Alpes de Haute-Provence.

Take a time of relaxation and serenity through THE Art of TOUCH !

My massages are for men and women, everyone! :)

  • Thai Foot reflexology

Harmonizes and balances the energies that run through the body with a massage on the reflex zones of the feet and calves.

  • Traditional Thai Massage

A very complete massage that relaxes the muscles, the joints and energizes the body. It takes place on a futon.

  • Harmonizing Indian

This massage with hot sesame oil is inspired by Ayurvedic tradition to bring you deep relaxation, total soothing of body and mind.

  • Ayurvedic Abhyanga

The one-of-a-kind ayurvedic massage to release the circulation of energy through the whole body. It helps to get rid of toxins and lubricates joints. I use a specific oil made with Indian plants.

  • Swedish Massage

It aims for a deep relaxation and an unwinding of muscular tensions. It is an invigorating and relaxing massage.

  • Californian

 It brings deep relaxation, disconnection and letting go. It alternates enveloping and relaxing movements.

  • Balinese

A mix of Chinese, Thai and Indian techniques for a journey to relaxation and great form.

You can shower after the massage and get some drink.

Important: The massages that I offer are not therapeutic. They are not in any way similar to physiotherapy or any other medical practice. My massages are not erotic either.

Booking conditions and options

Prestation Durée Tarif
Réflexologie plantaire thaïe 1h 60€
Thaï traditionnel 1h15 75€
Indien Harmonisant 1h 60€
Abhyanga 1h 60€
Hawaiien 1h 60€
Suédois 1h 60€
Californien 1h15 75€
Balinais 1h15 75€
2 massages au choix   5% de réduction
3 massages au choix   15% de réduction
5 massages au choix   30% de réduction
Dans votre lieu de résidence Entre 0 et 20 min de trajet du cabinet + 5€
  Entre 20 et 40 min de trajet du cabinet + 15€
  Au-delà + 25€

Means of payment :
banking checks - cash - bank wire -
Opening time :
10am-9pm everyday
Holiday closure :
open all year



I'm Frederic, your certified massage therapist.

I attended a one-year training course in a wellness massage school in Marseille in order to make you discover the best massage techniques.

Spoken languages english / french /

+33 661 820 825


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