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Normandy offers a vast amount of varied landscapes in the whole north-western area of France. From Dieppe in the North to Mortagne-au-Perche in the South and from Les Andelys (about 100km west from Paris) to the edge of Brittany, the Normandy region has a fascinating and intricate history. Several towns show a very rich heritage architecturally and are worth visiting. The landscapes are famous for their hilly pastures under the blossoming apple trees, where cows are grazing: their rich milk is used to prepare wonderful cheeses such as Camembert, Livarot and Pont-l'Evêque. Let us not forget to taste the excellent ciders and Calvados produced in the farms, and so many other delicacies we shall tell you about here. As you drive along, you will be able to admire those lovely half-timbered "old"e houses Normandy is so proud of, and the impressive forified farm and towns of the Perche region.

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