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Limousin also has its share of natural beauty as well as some of France's most picturesque villages, such as Collonges-la-Rouge, Curemont, S‚gur-le-Chateau and St.-Robert, located in the administrative department of Corrèze. Also located in Corrèze is the gay destination of Brive. Limoges is the capital of Limousin and world renowned for its porcelain. View 10,000 pieces of ceramic works and the most beautiful collection of porcelain made in Limoges at the Mus‚e National Adrien-Dubouché‚ while the Musée de l'Evéch‚ displays a collection of Limoges enamels. Long a center of porcelain production, perhaps it only stands to reason that Limoges would come up with a most creative use for all that porcelain at the Eros Sauna, smack in the center of downtown Limoges. Limoges has its share of more traditional gay attractions as well.

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