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A subtle harmony born in an extraordinary diversity: Reunion Island cultivates the charm of the contrasts, in any calmness. Spellbinding and spectacular landscapes. Generous and secret nature. Cosmopolitan and warm-hearted population The Island shows itself as though a flower, of emotion in emotion opens. Here, everything is seduction and mystery, softness and passion.
Different from other, more traditional gay destinations, this intense island promise you a relaxing break, and unforgettable, genuine hospitality of the locals.

An island, a mountain, a volcano: Reunion Island gives one thousand opportunities to be surprised, to be touched, to marvel in the contact of a special nature!
From the tropical exuberance of shores in the rocky slopes of summits, nice wavy tablecloth of the fields of sugar cane in the groves of fruit trees, from Alpine meadows of altitude in furrow monumental, one thousand amazing contrasts are to discover.
The biggest show is to discover in the south of the island: it is the "Piton de la Fournaise", this active volcano spits out its streams of lava in long red cordons passing slowly towards the sea.
Three other lifeless craters formed the clover of the circuses of Salazie, Mafate and Cilaos, separated from the volcano by two lowlands of altitude (la Plaine des Cafres and la Plaine des Palmistes).
Of deep furrow open circuses and sides of the mountain up to the sea. The island kept to a great extent its natural resources of origins. Forty thousand hectares of primary forests remained undamaged. Hundred and sixty plant kinds are unique in the world. The most extraordinary Reunion forests, the humid jungle and fresh of Bébour, face among the "spot" of worldwide environment.

A thousand faces in one trip
Enjoy a thousand world smiles! The rich cultural mix of La Reunion is practically unique in the world. The faces of four continents and lendless palette of the matchning blends live in perfect harmony. On this earth of exception exaggerates a society of exception Locals are the heirs of a history and a culture, fruit of the meeting of the settlers of Europe, of African and Malagasy slaves, of workers agrarian Indian and Chinese. Reunion evolves in the middle of one thousand smiles of the world!
Here, art to live well together is a second nature. Very as the opening in the others and the tradition of warm-hearted hospitality. Fact of respect, discretion and generosity, the sense of reception the locals invite to meeting, to distribution and to discovery.
It is this ethnic wealth which is worth to its inhabitants the very pretty nickname of " rainbow population" today, which also comes as a kaleidoscope of cultures and religions.
Creole cooking is the reflexion of its rainbow population : mixed. It draws on several origins and cultures, French and European, as well as African, Madagascan, Indian, Chinese.

A Gay Friendly Island
Beyond multiracial plates, the reunion population shows in the course of its history its capacity and especially its possibility de to live together. That's how Reunion is the first region of France to have set up a charter of gay friendly welcome regrouping about fifty tourism professionals. This charter is a warranty of a good and quality service that the gay and lesbian tourists will get with worm greeting. Yous will be accommodated with respect, equal service for all categories of visitor ans you will recognize th supporters of this charter with this logo.
Contrary use of other destinations, no violence towards the homosexuals is not determined on the island. Reunion is a small paradise, where tradition and family value still in the harts. It's difficult for the locals (creol) to do their coming out, because they surrounded by relatives but they believe in diversity as positive cultural values. On the other hand, the homosexuality of travellers as well as foreigners does not pose problem, even when it is comparatively visible. The multicultural nature of Reunion society means gay people are treated with kindness and respect.


Going Out at Night - North part
Although saint-Denis is the capital of the Island, it's not necessarily the party hot spot! Fortunately there is the Zanzibar, a very, very, very, gay friendly bar and restaurant. Gays and heteros go there every evening. A little further down in the same street, only open the week end, is the island gay discotheque, the Boy's has some great gay and lesbian nights. It has become a local institution.

West part
From Saint-Gilles les Bains to the Hermitage there are plenty of discotheques most of them are located near the casino. A party atmosphere is guaranteed at the loft, a bar highly frequented by the local gay community. In town center of Saint-Gilles, bars are very enlivened in town centre, a tour is obvious

South Part
There is quite good nightlife in Saint-Pierre, which is known for its good atmosphere, Saint-Pierre offers many bars and discotheques particulary on the sea front and next to the town hall. There, the Cherwain's, bar, dance, karaoke hosts great gay and lesbian nights.

In general, to be with up-to date with the nightlife, pick up the fanzines Fullfaya (.com), Azenda (.fr) or Kwelafe (.com), which list the themed evenings. For amateurs of "Quality electro" or underground, log-on to where you will find all the information you need.

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