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Alpha Tantra

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Of sexuality tantric consciousness

During four days of training between gay, you walk towards happiness, away from the stress and bustle of the world to find and awaken in you all the energy of the chakras.

These Tantra courses take place in Paris, Avignon, Montpellier (easily accessible locations across Europe by train, plane or car), residential, exclusively for men. See Internship dates.

Through exercises (which take their sources has more 5000 years), dynamic meditations, fun time, exchange moments and Massage, you will enter the Tantra path towards more serenity and harmony.

Tantra is a way of awakening to true love and great sex, a lifestyle, more sensuality in relationship with others.

Tantra is not, far from it, only an erotic massage, as you might think by reading multiple ads on the Internet.

What you will find Tantra, through our courses, is a full dimension of being that allows fulfillment, ecstasy and an authentic relationship to yourself and to others. Read the guest book that will tell you a lot.

The internship will turn your love life you are a couple or in a quest to encounter, your sexuality by making it more intense and creative consciousness of yourself and how you look to others. The image of your body will be enhanced and the desire to meet your partner will be more authentic.


dates stages prix
Du 5 au 8 mai 2018 (WE du 8 mai) L'énergie de shakti à partir de 290€
Du 2 au 5 juin 2018 Des racines de l'énergie au coeur de la relation à partir de 290€
Du 20 au 23 septembre 2018 Du corps lumineux au coeur ardent à partir de 290€
Du 4 au 7 octobre 2018 Sexualité, Amour, Conscience et Spiritualité à partir de 290€
Du 1er au 4 novembre 2018 De la reliance à l'éveil à partir de 290€
Du 6 au 9 decembre 2018 L'Orgasme de la vallée à partir de 290€
Du 28 decembre au 4 janvier 2018 (6 jours) Reveillon de Jour de l'an à partir de 650 € tout compris

Means of payment: banking checks - cash - Paypal -

Holiday closure : open all year long


24160 St medard d'excideuil - France

Situation : see access instructions


Host : Eric

Spoken languages : french -

Mobile : +33 6 10 20 40 00

Web : visit website

Information request : send an email


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